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You are working on customer lifetime value? Then you also nee to constantly improve the satisfaction of your customers. If your CSI is high, use the score in your PR campaign. “Most of our customers give customer service a 10” or “Our customers are more satisfie than the competition” – these will not be empty slogans, but facts supporte by research. If you nee help improving your company’s CSI, take advantage of our tailor-made solutions for business, such as B2B or retail marketing. Check how we can help you develop your business.

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Narrative marketing, or how a good story sells May 3, 2021 Customer acquisition Narrative marketing, or how a good story sells In the flood of information, customers are often deaf to specific information about the product. That it’s bigger, faster, better Latest Mailing Database than others…? They’ve heard it thousands of times. So how do you reach them? The answer may be narrative marketing,a story that will captivate them. What is narrative marketing? Narrative marketing – examples When is it worth using narrative marketing? How to use storytelling in practice? Build a strong message We remember information given in the form of a story 22 times easier than dry facts, says the famous psychologist Jerome Bruner on the basis of his research.

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This has always been the case, which is why the truths of life were told around the campfire as stories from life or in the form of fairy tales. So why CE Leads should your company limit itself to dry numbers, charts and tables today? What is narrative marketing? Narrative marketing, as its name suggests, is creating a story to capture the listener’s imagination. A story is associate with a book or a story, but actions or images can also be use. Most importantly, this narrative is built around brand values. It creates a context for its products and activities. All this is relate to brand awareness, because among dozens of others, customers will associate the one that stands out with an interesting story.