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Everything is base on the quick, sometimes simultaneous completion of many different stages of a work or project. The team can then modify the effect base on the experience gaine along the way. This makes corrections and corrections possible during the work. What about the traditional approach? After the laborious planning stage, the next steps are implemente one by one. The time for a summary is at the very end. It often turns out that some ideas did not work out. It may be too late for corrections.

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If their implementation is also base on traditional marketing principles, many months or years may pass before changes take place. In what areas can agile marketing be use? campaign planning, communication strategy , running social meia, website whatsapp mobile number list positioning , customer service, PR campaign introducing products to the market, event planning . In fact, the number of possible solutions is unlimite, because with the development of new technologies, new ones are constantly appearing. We recommend How does a communication audit increase company value.

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Agile marketing is base on spee, teamwork, everyday communication and clear drawing of the project, on a board with cards. In this way, any large project can be divide into segments lasting 2-6 weeks. This reuces team member fatigue and CE Leads makes adjustments along the way easier. Everyone has been in a situation where they worke hard on a project, and in the end it turne out that it wasn’t about that at all … Constant communication and breaking activities into segments prevents such events. At most, the effect of activities in the last days or weeks can be “trashe”, but not the entire project. The beginnings of agile marketing The first example of agile marketing was the Toyota brand strategy.