What should a legitimate marketer do

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Normalization allowing us to see which days are particularly strong or weak for each conversion rate relative to the other days of the week for that same event. How to use this chart Notice how some days are much better than others. Even after you exclude the weekends conversion rates rise and call 20% depending on the day of week. Knowing this can help you fine tune your campaigns. Make your content visible when visitors are likely to act. Post more on social mia on the high-conversion days for newsletter signups. Turn up ad budgets on days when visitors are more likely to act. Pause ads on low-conversion days. Pause your

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With ads on days when visitors are less likely to act. Align conversion type with activity levels on various days of week. People apply for jobs on Mondays Register for webinars on Wnesday Adjust actions and ad budgets accordingly. Chart #6 Webpage audit for SEO and conversions For our final chart we’re reviewing a b2b leads highlight from a recent article AI-Power Webpage Optimization because it’s fun. This chart shows how well a given page does or does not satisfy the prioritiz information nes of your prospect and also how we it does or

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Relevance AI prompt screenshot How to make this chart The data and the prompts As with chart #1 above start by giving the AI your document personas or ICPs (ideal client profiles) or use this first prompt to have the AI make one for you. Create a CE Leads persona for a [job title] for a [company revenue] [B2B/B2C] [industry] in [geography]. This person’s goals are to [list goals]. List the goals pain points and decision criteria for selecting a company that does [your service offering]. Review the following webpage content. How does it