The State of Unwanted Marketing

October 10, 2023 By 4in27 0

Marketing program bas on the data provid. Bas on this data what type of campaigns should be sent more often What types of campaigns should be abandon Bas on the data what 5 possible subject lines would have the highest website conversion rates What open rate click rate users engagement rate and conversion rate would you expect from the following subject line [enter draft subject line] Chart #5 Days of week when your visitors are most likely to convert Marketers talk about day-of-week when it comes to sending email and posting on social mia. (Should we send on weekends When’s the best time to post) But it’s rare to hear days

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 Other context. But day of week is always a thing. It correlates with every action your audience takes not just in inboxes and social streams. Your audience are more likely to click read share search and convert on different days of week. But there are no reports in GA4 that show day b2b email list of week. Yet here it is… chart showing what days of the week your visitors convert How to make this chart The data and the prompts From GA4 using a long date range go to the Events report and customize so Conversions is one of the metrics. Add Date as a secondary dimension and export the data to CSV. Open the file and delete the rows where the

Conversions are zero

 That removes the non-conversion events. Next go to the Traffic Acquisition report and add Date as a secondary CE Leads dimension then export the data to CSV. You can now have AI build that chart with just three prompts. Here they are You are an expert at analyzing and visualizing marketing analytics data. I’m giving you one file showing Google Analytics conversion data. I’m giving you another file showing Google Analytics traffic data. Can you analyze Calculate the conversion rate for each type of conversion by day of week. Draw a heatmap matrix with the conversions on the left and days of week across the top. Use row-wise