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Watch a video of quarterly changes in the share of mobile smartphone operating systems from 1999 to 2019. Popular mobile systems in 4Q 2009 The smartphone has become our favorite device relatively recently – it was only in the last half of the decade that people began to consider smartphones as their primary computer. These mobile devices actually have a long and illustrious history – if they were people, some of them would be big enough to vote in elections and almost big enough to legally drink alcohol.  operating systems has changd, the popular YouTube channel Data is Beautiful has prepard an interesting video showing the quarterly increases and decreases in the popularity of popular smartphone operating systems over the last two decades.

Dominated the Mobile

In the video you can watch below, the most significant is the total dominance of Android and iOS in the last few years – these systems have completely  market and wipd out the competition. It’s also surprising how insignificant Windows Phone was, despite all the mdia and marketing hype at the time. While market share is not the ultimate metric (Apple still takes Sweden Business Email List the lion’s share of profits despite ~20% market share), it is unlikely that a serious competitor will emerge for Android at this time given its dominance. It is also interesting that KaiOS has recently gaind in the ultra-low end of the spectrum. Note that the source data is Gartner’s quarterly smartphone shipment reports, so this is not an accurate representation of smartphone market share.

Smartphones With

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This video will remind you of the beginnings of mobile phones that you had before  Android from Google and iOS from Apple. Remember the days when Symbian ruld in the mid-2000s? Back then, hardware innovations were commonplace – smartphones twiste (like the Nokia 3250), slid (like the N95) and featurd components that today’s smartphones CE Leads have evolvd into more subtle components – like a Xenon flash (N82), a built-in tripod mount ( N93) and physical QWERTY keyboards that were actually usable (E75). Unfortunately or fortunately, Symbian was supersdd just as iOS and Android shiftd the paradigm and establishd monolithic mobile devices as the only possible form. Currently, the share of mobile operating systems is as.

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