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This concept of the iPhone 12 Pro features, among other things, four rear cameras and a design inspird by the iPhone SE. iPhone 12 concept (for 2020) While the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are not even a month old (from the official launch), apparently it’s time to start looking ahead and start thinking about what the iPhone 12 might look like next year?  iPhone 12 developd by Path of Design , which has many elements known from the iPhone 4 or and SE. This is how designers imagine an iPhone that could be launchd in 2020. It is said that next year’s iPhone will not have a notch in the screen.

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The designers show what you’d expect: a square design – something that’s still  Apple’s older iPhone models. We also see the same roundd square container for the rear cameras, but the so-calld “iPhone 12 Pro” would have as many as four cameras this time, not three lenses. Also Spain Business Email List read: The design is certainly striking, a nice mix of the old square design and Apple’s notchless approach to design. Sure, we’ve heard that Apple is testing a notchless iPhone prototype that could come later in 2020, but that still seems unlikely. Other features were also shown in the concept video, including the ProMotion display that would eventually appear on Apple’s smartphones. The concept also includes reverse wireless charging, which has been much talkd about with iPhone 11 phones that do not include this feature.

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What do you think about this concept? Do you think Apple will go in this direction next year?  comments below. You may also be interestd in: Sources. DownloadBlog 9TO5Mac Lukasz Majchrzyk Memoji ( Lukasz. Majchrzyk I have been dealing with Internet communication CE Leads and e-marketing since 2005. I am passionate about mobile devices and new technologies – and. I do not hesitate to use them.  navigation How has the share of mobile operating systems changd over the past 20 years? Discover the full potential of your photos with.