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Nike puts emphasis on the comfort of taking the Air Jordan 1 on and off with its on-and-off technology calld FlyEase! Air jordan 1 High FlyEase AJ1 High FlyEase The legendary Air Jordan 1 shoes, which debutd in 1985, are still one of the most popular models of Nike shoes. Over the years, the company has introducd hundrds of different iterations of its iconic model, and now it is introducing another change that can . The AJI High FlyEase features Nike’s FlyEase technology, which was introduce in 2015 and is designd to make it quick and easy for anyone to get the sneaker on and off.

Heel, a Velcro Strap

This adaptive system consists of a zipper mechanism that ties around the  around the ankle, an adjustable tongue and laces that don’t nd to be tid. Together, all these Fly Ease features can create a way to easily put on your shoes with one hand. It’s basically a completely rdesignd version Lithuania Business Email List of the Air Jordan 1, yet Nike has managd to make the AJI High Fly Ease look and feel like a traditional model. The company says that while the introduction of Fly Ease on the Air Jordan 1 was important, it was equally important for this shoe to stay true to its familiar design.

Nike Also Unveiled

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At first glance, the AJI High Fly Ease looks like any other Air Jordan 1 shoe, but its new technology will be a nice upgrade for people with disabilities. Recently,  its own Fit Adapt, Adapt BB and Adapt Huarache lace-up sneakers. And while they are not marketd as adaptive products, their CE Leads auto lacing technology can definitely benefit people with special nees and limite motor skills. Perhaps in the future we will see Air Jordan 1 with strong laces? That would really be something. You may also be interestd in: For now, Nike is launching the AJI High Fly Ease starting November 1, 2019, pricd at 140.