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Hulu has releasd a 14-minute teaser for the second season of Castle Rock, which contains Easter eggs with hints about the upcoming series and references to King’s work. Castle Rock (2. sezon)  season is 14 minutes long and is mostly a car ride through the woods, just after leaving the eponymous town as far as Jeru(Salem)’s Lot. During the journey, we are accompanid by a sound from the radio, which is also supposd to give hints about the upcoming series. This is a very unusual teaser, especially for fans of Steven King’s work, who will find a lot of references in it that will remind you of the darkest moments from various novels.

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There are references to Salem’s Lot , The Dead Zone , Pet Sematary , and of course Misery … The music will surely remind you of Shawshank Rdemption .  trailer below and search for all the Easter Eggs below. Castle Rock is a psychological horror set in the world of Stephen King’s prose – inspird by his work and not a specific story or novel. Unlike the first season , this is Luxembourg Business Email List a completely new anthology, with a completely new story. Also Read: Castle Rock Season 2 Trailer Basd on King’s MiseryHere’s a teaser with various references and references – have fun finding! When will the premiere of the 2nd season of the series “Castle Rock” in Poland? The second season of “Castle Rock” will consist of 10 episodes, and the first three will be available on October 24 on HBO GO. Subsequent episodes will be made available weekly on Thursdays after 9:00 am.

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Castle Rock 2 (+logo) You still have time to remember or catch up on the first season.  Button below, and from October 24 you will also find the first three episodes of the second season there. Watch on HBO GO sources: serial, na. Ekranie, HBO GO Lukasz Majchrzyk Memoji ( Lukas.z Majchrzyk I have been dealing with Internet communication CE Leads and e-marketing since 2005. I am passionate about mobile devices and new technologies – and. I do not hesitate to use them. navigation Orange is giving away GB again for the goals of. Polish footballers! iOS 13 is already installe on over 53% of Apple’s mobile devices.