What is food insecurity and how is it resolved

March 3, 2024 By 4in27 0

Surely more than once during your childhood you. Resisted eating a dish and heard your mother talk. About thousands of children in the world who have nothing to eat. That was perhaps the most used argument to make. You finish your dinner and not waste food. What she never mentioned is many of these kids turn to crime as a way to find food. More than six million young people between 10 and 17 years old who are homeless resort to. Illicit acts such as selling drugs or prostitution to. Be able to buy food, according to information from. A study carried out by the research group. Of the urban institute in collaboration with feeding . A youth group called the youth community advisory council, supported by. Feeding , currently delivers fresh food to. More than one hundred families each month.

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The results of this report were. Especially chilling to its co-author j. Popkin, who of course was eagerly waiting for some Indonesia Mobile Number Database children and young people to. Assure her that, despite the food insecurity in. Their community, they were not prone to being delinquent. Unfortunately, this answer never reached his ears. What is food insecurity? This term refers to the inability. Of the population to obtain enough food to survive, thanks. To high prices and lack of job opportunities. Due to this problem, thousands of people around the. World die from malnutrition and hunger. When talking about food insecurity, it is common for. Adolescents to be left out of the discussion. However, thanks to the impact caused by the institute’s study. The attention of various media and. Organizations has turned to it to find a solution.

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As explained to post. The majority of these young people are prone to see crime as a means to get ahead. Since when they Cambodia WhatsApp Number List come looking for the opportunity. To improve themselves. They are rejected or discriminated against. Both adolescents and children turn to selling drugs and other illegal act. S to make money and when they are arrested. Even the juvenile justice system treats them as criminals instead of helping them through therapies. And other activities or providing them with support. They need to get out of this vicious cycle, said. So how can we solve this problem. Popkin’s report shares a series of proposals to resolve food insecurity. Including increasing the amount of food provided by the federal nutrition assistance program (snap) and developing programs that provide employment opportunities for youth in low income.