Stop working overtime and weekends

March 3, 2024 By 4in27 0

Many companies now expect. Their employees Stop working to regularly work more than 40 hours a week. But there is a radical suggestion: stop! Jason fried, founder and of project. Management software maker basecamp. Believes that overworking is not only unnecessary if. Everyone is managing their time and energy well, but it also won’t benefit the company. Fried practices what he preaches: he rarely works more than 8 hours a day, and he asks his executives. And other employees to do the same. His company, with about 50 employees, just. Celebrated its 17th anniversary. Now fried is encouraging other employers to join the “work can wait” pact. Those who do so must “respect.

And none of this works

What does the employer get in return. You can create permanently, it is a beneficial change for your company. There will be Pakistan Mobile Number Database productivity, creativity and. Loyalty, and talented people will want to work with you.” one of the companies that has signed ledge is . The digital marketing firm decided a year ago to. Stop counting employees’ hours per week and let them. Decide how to work hours a month. This gives them the flexibility to work more or less 40 hours a. Week depending on what they need to work on their projects and. What they need in their personal sphere. But in any case they are not. Expected to work more than 160 hours. More than six months after this policy.

The example of Peru is paradigmatic

Employees were coming in with more. Innovative ideas than they did before and wanted to take on projects. Believes this is Canada WhatsApp Number List directly correlated to the company’s work hours policy. “people feel more balanced. You don’t worry that you missed dinner the night before [with your family] Or that you haven’t seen your friends in a month. People resent it better overall,” she said. Said customer concerns are always addressed, whether in weekly calls or via email. If those emails arrive during non-business hours, “[customers] Will know that we will be available. The next morning to fix the problem and get it right. So there is no need for you to be nervous.” in the rare case where a request cannot wait until the next morning, the employee.