Timing is critical in this

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Timing is critical inĀ  Once you have this list you can extract it into a CSV and get their email addresses with Evaboot. How to Get Emails From LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extract Emails From Sales Navigator Profiles Export Sales Navigator leads for free The process is extremely simple you just need to click on Extract with Evaboot to download the list into an excel file. linkedin sales navigator scraper chrome extension Step Followers Outreach Once you have this list with contact details you can reach out to them manually or build a linkedin prospecting campaign.

For this type of outreach Timing is critical in

I would recommend something really Risk Managers Email List direct like this. Template for competitors followers outreach Hello Im reaching out because Ive seen you follow competitor on linkedin Our productservice is similar but why your product or service is better than competition Are you currently still interested in problem you are solving Best JB Its important to precise if the prospect is still interested in the matter because he may have followed this company a while ago.

C Level Contact List

Thats it for the first technique

Now lets dive right into the UK Phone Number nd technique extract competitors post commenters. Reach Out Competitors Post Commenters Likers Tons of people are reacting to linkedin post every day. A reaction to a post is a great signal of interest for a topic. Thats why reaching out to people reacting to your competitors linkedin posts profile or company page can be a good idea. Step Follow everyone in your niche To detect opportunities in your niche you need to have your competitors posts into your linkedin feed. linkedin post commenters So make sure to follow every competitor and influencer in your niche. kind of outreach if you send messages to post commenters.