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You will see on When your competitors have already done all the work for you Steal Your Competitors Audience on Linkedin Hacks for In this video Im going to show you ways to steal your competitors audience on linkedin by Extracting linkedin company page followers Extracting linkedin post commenters Extracting linkedin event attendees Lets dive in how you can use linkedin scraping tools to steal the audience of your competitors.

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Followers on Linkedin The first R&D Directors Email List technique consists in extracting the followers of your competitors linkedin company pages. If they follow the page of the company they obviously have an interest into the product or service they are selling. You can also use this technique to make a competitor analysis. This technique requires a linkedin sales navigator subscription. Step Create a fake linkedin account You cant do this technique with your own account as Linkedin prevent to do the too much. So the first step is to create a new linkedin account and add a job experience at your competitors company.

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Page followers Step Take the Sales UAE WhatsApp Number Navigator free trial You obviously dont way to pay Linkedin Sales Navigator just to get your competitors followers. sales navigator free trial Good news there is a onemonth free trial you can use. Step select company page followers Open Linkedin Sales Navigator. Go to the leads search into the Spotlight category and select Following your company select company page followers linkedin sales navigator a list of all your competitors followers. linkedin competitors followers Dont forget to exclude the people working for your competitor exlude employee from company page followers You obviously dont want to send prospecting messages to the company owners or employees. Step extract followers and get their emails.

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