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One of your competitors Right after they comment the post. Your reply rate will be much higher as the memory is still fresh steal linkedin competitors post commenters. On the other hand you want to let enough time for the post to gather a maximum of reacts. Thats why I would recommend to wait at least h before doing the second step. If you see an interesting post you can copypaste the post url to have it for later. Step Extract post commenters and likers To extract the linkedin post commenters we are going to use Phantombuster.

More precisely the post One of your competitors

Commenters and post likers export. export Sales Directors Email List linkedin post commenters likers Just copy and paste the URL of your post here linkedin post url Phantombuster will extract First name Last name Linkedin URL Job title Degree connection For every post commenters or likers linkedin post extract Step Post Commenters Outreach Here is an example of results Ive obtained with this tactic for a webinar promotion. Approximately reply rate for the campaign. reach to competitors post commenters linkedin Here is a template you can use.

C Level Contact List

Template for post

Commenters and likers outreach UK Telegram Number Hello Im reaching out because Ive seen your reaction to post of your competitor. Im doing a webinar I wrote a white paper on the exact same thing next week. Are you interested in getting more content on the topic Best JB Its always better to propose a content and not directly your product or service. For the next technique we are going to use the exact same technique and tools but for linkedin event attendees. Reach Out to Competitors Event Attendees for a linkedin event Great news hes probably spending money on ads sending prospecting message etc.

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