This Conception Cioran Contrasts

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Auster that are in stock and I discover another book of his . Winter Diary. which seems to be a deep and captivating mitation. as I can gather from reading the brief synopsis on the back cover. on the arrival of old age. My literary alert system is activat. In the afternoon. in fact. almost at night. I go to the bookstore and buy this book. I return home and start reading it avidly. Not only And. now. here I am. in the middle of reading. starting to write the post you are now reading. Very strange: I have gone from Koestler to Auster (that harsh consonance is a curious coincidence that persuades me to take it as part of the title).

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Chance on the Internet; the network as part of our life; life as part of this incomprehensible whole. Authors. books. chance and the internet. This discovery could be consider an expression of what is call serendipity. Serendipity: the chance business database discovery of an important fact – whether it is important or not is a matter of perspective – when immers in another search. Not only. There is a nice romantic comy (with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale) on this topic: the emergence of chance in life. the story of the meetings and disagreements of two young people who. finally. end up loving each other.

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Precisely. its title was Serendipity . or Signs of love. The title with which this film was releas here in Latin America. Life – I think – is. finally. and in essence. serendipity. I remember John Lennon (he says it in a passage of that beautiful song that he compos for his little son Sean): “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” I must say that I finish the post on Koestler . I found the reference to his letter. and the CE Leads transcription of an appropriate passage. In a (physical) book by George Steiner. who was his friend. Publish by the Siruela publishing house. The work includes his collaborations that appear in the renown North American magazine. The New Yorker over thirty years. And well: in addition to all this. we know who the great Steiner is.