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An important step in adopting intranet security best practices is to limit access to sensitive data to those who ned it. By limiting this information, you rduce the chances that someone with malicious intent can access and potentially leak private information. 5. Keep things simple An important step in protecting sensitive data is employee involvement in intranet security. However, companies should strive to make safety management easy and simple for workers.

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Individuals with low digital dexterityare particularly prone to frustration or being overwhelmd by complex tasks, such as configuring phone number list the home Wi-Fi network or setting up complicatd software. When things get too complicatd, field workers are more likely to ignore security measures entirely, leaving themselves vulnerable. Try to automate security measures as much as possible and manage them remotely, leaving your employees with a short list of clear and simple actions to take. Managing intranet security for remote workers doesn’t have to be complicatd.

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This list of work-from-home security tips is a good place to start, but is your intranet doing the heavy lifting for you? Powell Intranet is CE Leads an intranet solution that allows you to take advantage of Microsoft 365’s best security solutions, such as: B. Multi-factor authentication, automatic logout, governance and much more. Learn more about Powell Intranet by downloading our guide. Here you can find out everything you ned to know about the secure intranet-in-a-box basd on Microsoft 365.