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This is a problem, although employees who exhibit this behavior consider their actions resourceful. After all, they often do more harm than good. Many executives make the same mistakes when dealing with shadow IT. By treating the problem without recognizing it as a symptom of a larger one. If shadow IT is widespread in your company, this can be an indication of an unmet need of your employees. If you don’t address these needs head-on, Shadow IT will continue to crop up across the enterprise.

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In this respect, this is independent of which guidelines you introduce. What is shadow IT? case study For example, imagine you are a whatsapp mobile number list manager. As such, he is responsible for a large team of sales people. Lately you’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of emails flooding your inbox every day. Just last week you missed an important email from a client. You created a problem that led you to a stern meeting in your boss’s office. One day over lunch, you share your frustrations with a friend who is a manager at another company. Your friend then mentions that she recently installed an email extension that helps her stay organized. Not only does the app automatically sort her emails and notify her when she needs to reply, but it’s also free.

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Then write down the name of the extension. Once you’re back at work, download the app. So you install them in your own account. definition CE Leads This is just one of many examples of shadow IT. First of all, it should show how easily shadow IT can sneak into your company. While something as trivial as an email extension may sound harmless, installing it poses a problem. Namely, you’re giving the app access to the contents of your entire inbox.