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Why do we have equinoxes? The spring and autumn equinoxes. the seasons. and the changing length of daylight throughout the year all have to do with a single fact: the Earth rotates on a tilt axis . This inclination was probably caus by the collision of a gigantic object with our planet millions of years ago. Is the equinox really the first day of spring? From a meteorological approach. summer is defin as the three hottest months of the year. winter as the three coldest months. and between those months are spring and autumn. From an astronomical perspective. spring actually begins when the southern hemisphere receives more light than the northern hemisphere . Is it possible for eggs to rest on their base without falling during the equinox?

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This practice originat as a tradition in China on the first day of spring of the Chinese lunar calendar. around the beginning of February. It is maintain that during this period of the year the Moon and the Earth are align. generating the perfect balance of forces necessary for this phenomenon to occur. But it is a myth. The amount of sunlight we business email list receive during the day has no power over the Earth’s gravitational pull to balance things on it. Are there equinoxes on other planets? There are. All planets in our solar system rotate on inclin axes and therefore have seasons .

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Some have lower inclinations. like Mercury. but Uranus has an even greater inclination than Earth. For its part. Saturn only has an equinox every 15 years. since it takes this planet 29 years to complete an orbit around the Sun. Beyond everything. spring is among us and we only wait for the last remnants of winter to finish dissipating so we can enjoy this auspicious season.How a hesitant CE Leads search for literary data on the Internet gave way to the discovery of works of notable craftsmanship. From Koestler to Auster: good books. chance and the Internet Yo It is 11:30 in the morning on a Saturday. I am finishing a post about the Hungarian writer Arthur