Demiurge by Em Cioran the Initial

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One rubs against death» (p. 185). «Birth and chain are synonyms. See the light: see shackles…” (p. 187). Of all the animals only he reeks of a corpse” (p. 184). «One only has the possibility of getting a glimpse of what madness all existence is bas on. to the extent that. at every moment. one rubs against death» (p. 185). «Birth and chain are synonyms. See the light: see shackles…” (p. 187). Anyway. Militant skepticism at its finest. High fidelity catastrophic music. Antidotes against the flat complacency of the dull theorists of happiness. Cioran in its purest form. A few weeks ago. I finish reading The Evil Demiurge . Now. I was going to start the review of the work. but I realize that this post is already exceing the limits that are consider prudent. So to the three or four readers who follow me (pardon the bluntness) I say: stay tun; 

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We will leave the impressions of that book for a future occasion .It is possibly the most anticipat season and in our country it began on September 23 at 2:50 in the morning. We share some peculiarities of this pleasant period of the year. Spring or rebirth after the cold winter Etymologically. spring means the first sight of something. By extension. on a symbolic level. we can say that the arrival of this season implies renewal. rebirth. looking at things with new eyes . In the southern b2b leads hemisphere. spring in 2019 began on Monday. September 23. In Peru. at exactly 2:50 am. when almost the entire country was resting peacefully. At all times. spring has been await by man. especially by those who live in particularly cold regions.

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This has to do with the transition from a gloomy and icy season to one that promises bright days of temperate weather . although given the geographical configuration of our country these do not always arrive as quickly as desir. Inspirational and leading theme of musicians. painters. writers and many more. spring begins when the Sun aligns with the Equator. making day and night have a similar duration in almost all places on Earth. a CE Leads phenomenon that is Known as the equinox . In the southern hemisphere the season runs from September 21 – 23 to December 21. while in the northern hemisphere it begins on March 20 – 21 and ends around June 21. Below we present scientific answers to certain frequently ask questions about the seasons: