Selling advertising at the cinema is a joke

October 11, 2023 By 4in27 0

Selling advertising at the cinema is a joke . Insurvey requests, original ideas, embarrassing situations. A salesman like matteo, always on the hunt for new customers, must be ready for anything. Many companies, but also universities . And museums, choose the big screen to promote their products and services. Why is that? To reach people of all ages and hit them with an emotion while other emotions, those of the film. Among the “big” there are unit colors of benetton, who decid to focus on the videos. And in october 2016 land for the first time in its history at the cinema . And tim, which just in the room debut with the campaign of dancers inspir by just some motion.

Women with the balls

The pegaso telematic university will also take advantage of the release of spider-man.  Homecoming to communicate to young students and at the new database beginning of 2017 . The mann (national archaeological museum of naples) . Has launch a series of high-quality animat videos to intrigue new visitors. The beauty of cinema is that it is within everyone’s reach. Potentially all companies, even the smallest in the area.  Can look out on the big screen and say something, even launch a simple message. Numerous companies have happen (or will happen). To have to deal with me to plan their advertising at the cinema.

new database

Weddings and betrayals

I’ll tell you what happen: real stories, not jokes. Women with the balls between wife and husband, don’t put a finger . Especially when they have opposing ideas about advertising at the cinema. He, the owner of the company, asks me to meet where he knows CE Leads that she, the wife, could not reach us. The appointment is about to end with nothing, but… Here suddenly, uncover the deception, she arrives. Five minutes later I had the sign contract. “will you make me a subscription?” I almost worry if the client I just conquer doesn’t ask me that question. It is as obvious as “weight seasons no longer exist” and “we are all better at christmas”.