What? Computer language for dummies

October 11, 2023 By 4in27 0

What? Computer language for dummies 99.9% of people don’t understand what programmers say. So Corrado wrote a glossary with the most mysterious words in the office. Understand a programmer? It’s almost impossible. The mind of a programmer thinks like a microprocessor by assimilation. We are different. We were designed with a special code. We understand each other only among us. We speak a complex and mysterious language, other than Chinese or Japanese. We are able to exchange secret information aloud, without arousing the slightest suspicion. We are misunderstood geniuses…


So I collected in a glossary the most bizarre words that my colleague and I tell ourselves in the office. Is there at least one of them that you know? Sudo no, not too hot. We’re not even in july. Sudo for us “aliens” is the acronym of super user do – in italian super new data user does. It is the system administrator, root.  (root, but they have nothing to do with flowers and trees), the user at the base of everything. He is the big boss. Jon a few years ago, in america, I met a jason. A nice guy, in hand… Okay, but you probably don’t care. It was just to tell you that json and jason pronounce the same way.  The first is a useful format for fast data exchange via the web.

new data


Java Close your eyes and imagine that you are in the shade of a palm tree, in an Indonesian beach. You are on the island of Java and you are sipping a coffee called Java. It is said that this coffee was also consumed by the developers.  of Sun Microsystem, inventors of CE Leads the famous “object” programming language. Cache Are you in the cache up to your neck? It’s not a bad thing, in fact! It means that your computer is on the piece, has no memory loss. In this area, the information used more frequently is stored.  to avoid unnecessary dispersion of energy in the future. Pullare Neologism coined by programmers working in the office in unison . I’m thinking of you, Alessandro (anywhere inseparable).