Working in Teams: 5 Tips to Survive

October 11, 2023 By 4in27 0

Working in teams: 5 tips to survive daily life in the agency is a challenge. Massimiliano morandini, partner of mp quadro.  Reveals the characteristics of the team (im)perfect. In this post I alk at a consideration recently written by marco on this blog.  Which states: the entrepreneur, in addition to having to improvise.  Commercial, technical, accounting and any other type . Of existing specialist, must have the ability to share experiences with.  His team and this sharing creates a value that goes beyond the economic aspect. Light your own brand. Let’s talk about it! Imageimage team – opportunity in every structured company.  Any quote or project is born and develops with the work in concert of several people.

Team - opportunity

From the account to the computer scientists, from creatives to content makers.  Without forgetting who deals with digital marketing. One of the most delicate aspects to be addressed for a company that grows and organizes.  Is the increase in staff and the relationship that latest database is established within the work team. For those who have given life to society it is difficult to change. Their perspective and to devote themselves no longer . To production but to the management of personnel. Yet from this phase the most interesting opportunities arise, the services . Offered extend and on the horizon you discover other ways not to be unexplored. 

The collective soul

Here then, suddenly we have to study increasingly.  Complex and ambitious projects that require mastery. Of very different methodologies and techniques, whose alchemy can give very satisfactory results. How can you get these alchemies? Only with CE Leads a team that works with aful draw and with passion sharing the various phases of the project. So far everything is easy if we do not consider that the teams are made up of… People! …Is not always roses and flowers! Who doesn’t know the eternal diatribe between the charts and the rest of the world? How much energy is needed to rein in a creative… Ideas as beautiful as, often, difficult to achieve. Let’s imagine if the creative has to confront the nerdy world.