Womens Day means

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Womens Day means To them We want to hear different perspectives from the team, regardless of gender, as this is a day we all celebrate together, and it’s something we should focus on not just today, but throughout the year. This is what Francesco, our Senior SEO Specialist, Hanna and Jade, our Digital Marketing Specialists, and Justine, our Paid Mia Specialist had to say. Why Did You Choose to Work in a Digital Marketing Agency? Hanna: “The digital sector is the future.

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Scar of it or exploit it with all its unlimit seo expate bd potential. Working in a digital marketing agency allows me to look ahead. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a start-up or an establish business, it’s so inspiring to see or rather, be part of a larger vision that aims to help your customers in the best way possible.” Francesco: “When you are in a company there is a limit to how much you can learn, how much you can experiment, how deeply you can understand a topic. In an agency, you are encourag to be the best expert you can be, you can learn about different industries, and exchange your knowlge with other very smart people.

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Change later than I should have!” Justine: “I chose CE Leads to work in a digital marketing agency for a number of different reasons. First, I studi marketing at university and lov it. But the reason I specifically chose to work in an agency was for the variety of different projects and clients, to feel like every day is different. I hadn’t plann on working specifically in digital marketing, but the world is moving online, and I love the flexibility of being able to work remotely.” Jade: “GA Agency provid me with everything and more. As a team, and working with clients, I’ve learn that no day is the same.