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Those who in the field of consumer law applicable in a given EU country. What else should you remember when opening a Slovak store? Slovaks have fallen in love with e-commerce. The key to success is to adjust the e-shop to the standards, preferences and shopping habits of customers representing the local market. The basis is domain extension and reliable translation of all content on the website not only into English, but also into Slovak. The online store in Slovakia is governe by its own laws. It is necessary to translate and adjust contact details.

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Store regulations, privacy policy and rules for storing and processing personal data. The success of an e-shop depends primarily on the attractiveness of the offer and the ability to promote it on the market. In addition to an e-shop website operating on a foreign domain, it is also worth considering the presence photo editor of our company’s offer on the most popular shopping platforms on a given market. E-shop customers pay attention not only to the price of goods, but also to. The cost and delivery date, a transparent return policy.

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Which should not excee 72 hours. An additional incentive to take advantage of the offer of a give.  Store is the possibility of buying goods in installments.  So it is worth trying to find the right partner to carry out this type of proceure. Slovakia: the most truste stores As e-commerce market analysts note, the popularity CE Leads of online shopping in Slovakia is growing year by year. Slovaks trust e-shops a lot, but they still feel a strong nee to personally try the goods before buying. The argument that makes Slovaks more.

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