Where you start to narrow down

April 5, 2023 By 4in27 0

Once you understand what, you can start to ask yourself. Who is it for? Who nes this?” So you might have a really good solution, and I hear this all the time Who’s you. Product for?” “Well, it’s for everyone.” That’s not really a good answer because if it’s for everyone, I’ll likely say, “It’s for no one,” because this everyone market is way too big. But if you can understand who that specific person is in the customer segment or in the demographics or in the customer group that nes your services, that’s when you can start to have this powerful conversation about what you do.

Things like demographics

What you do is going to directly influence who it’s for. So this is and understand your different segments and understanding, behavioral, geolocation, things of that nature, which are going to help you narrow down your target. Instead of broadening your phone number list reach, you can start to narrow with this who in segment. You’ve probably heard that term before, and there’s a lot of terms, segmentation, personalization, all of that, which is all important, but really, you ne to understand that ideal customer and those buyer personas we talk about before or your target audience. Who are you talking to.

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Why should they care

Who’s actually going to be interest in your what? Once you defin your what, once you’ve defin your who, this is when you can go to why. Why should CE Leads they care? Why should they buy? Why should they visit your site? All of these questions are important, and as you notice, they’re all connect. So you can’t start here with why and expect to have all the answers. Because? They should care because of the problems it solves and because they are the specific person who has that ne that nes to be met.