Employees of the SEO company should

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There are situations when the client wants to prepare the texts himself – in such a situation, he may receive guidelines from the agency regarding the creation of content, which he should follow. A clear division of tasks will certainly improve the work carri out. Mistakes in communication – an opportunity to draw conclusions Everyone makes mistakes in communication – also employees of SEO agencies. An example may be understatements during a telephone conversation – the solution to this problem is a written summary of the arrangements in the form of an e-mail.

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Another source of problems may be unfamiliarity with industry terms or not knowing enough, for example, why the agency nes certain access crentials. ucate the client so that he understands why such and not other actions are taken. Another database potential source of problems is the timely completion of tasks. changes according to the guidelines creat by the agency? Or maybe an employee of the agency has just fallen ill and will not perform the assign tasks on time? It is worth not waiting for the last minute, but informing in advance about possible delays and setting priority goals to be achiev.


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Transparency and reporting of activities to check the activities of the SEO agency. It is a standard practice for companies to report all tasks CE Leads complet,. in a given month. Such a document is only useful if the client is familiar with its contents. Customer – if you don’t know something, ask. You have the right not to know the specialist vocabulary or not to know what a given chart illustrates. The agency’s employees will certainly clarify any doubts.