What would happen in the world if we were all vegetarians?

February 29, 2024 By 4in27 0

There are many reasons that can lead a person to become vegetarian. There are those who stop eating meat to avoid animal suffering, and others may follow this path because they think it will lead a healthier life. And the truth is that no matter how much carnivores deny it . Vegetarians are right reducing meat intake brings many benefits to both health and our planet. But if we all became vegetarians, we would cause serious inconvenience to millions of people, if not billions of people. It’s really a tale of two worlds . Says Andrew Jarvis of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture in Colombia. In developed countries, vegetarianism would bring all kinds of environmental and health benefits.

Fewer deaths and chronic diseases

Meat by the cart Jarvis and his colleagues explored the hypothesis of what might happen if meat stopped being on Argentina Phone Number List our menu overnight. First, they looked at the impact on climate change. Food production accounts for between and  of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, with the majority coming from agricultural production. Vegetable vegetarianism were adopted globally by we would have 7 million fewer deaths per year. Despite this, the impact of our diet on the climate is often underestimated. In the United States, for example, an average family of four emits more greenhouse gases from eating meat than from driving two cars. But it’s cars . Not steaks that tend to be in discussions about global warming.

Carnivorous traditions

But if we consumed a little less meat each day . We would leave a better world for our children and grandchildren.” Marco , a researcher at the University of Oxford’s Future of Food , attempted to quantify how much China Phone Number List better that world would be, and built computer models simulating what would happen if all vegetarians by 2050. The results indicate that, thanks to the elimination of red meat from the diet, emissions related to food production would fall by 60%. And if everyone became vegan – did not consume any products of animal origin – the drop would be 70%. But admits that “this scenario is not very realistic.” More forests and biodiversity Sausage store in Spain The elimination of meat would have a huge impact on the identity of some towns. The food industry, especially agriculture, also takes up a lot of space, causing emissions from the loss of biodiversity due to the transformation of land use.