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Article index 1 What do we Voice Search understand by link building? 2 Types or link building strategies? 2.1 Capturing leads or sales 2.2 Transfer. PR or authority 2.2.1 Damping factor. OBL (Outbound Links) 2.2.3 Domain. Authority DR, PA… 2.3 Getting traffic. Online reputation or authority of entities 3. How do I know the best domain to link to my project? 3.1 What is Ranking. Affinity? 3.2 Why do we talk specifically about ranking. Affinity and not the concept of affinity? 3.3 How do. I get links from my “competitors” or those that. Have a good Ranking Affinity? 4 Automate the process of finding free and fast links with 5 Prize for reaching the end of the article.

Specifically about Voice Search ranking affinity and not the concept of affinity

What do we understand by link building? Links industry email list are the basis of the Internet , being the link between all the nodes or websites that make up the network. This makes them have enormous weight in this ecosystem and a capital priority in any SEO strategy. But they are also the channel through which the Page Rank is transmitted and allows the different urls of any website to be given authority to improve its ranking. This is why if we ask most SEOs about the meaning or purpose of link building, the vast majority of them will talk about link creation and transfer of authority, but external linking is much more.

Fast links with 5 Prize for reaching the end of the article

It is a tool that can help us with CE Leads multiple purposes within the SEO or marketing strategy, being a channel for promotion, acquisition, sales… Types or strategies of link building? Perhaps a good way to define the different types of link building is based on the purpose with which we want to apply the strategy for obtaining links for our project. Regarding this we could stipulate the following types and recommendations: Lead or sales capture This methodology is little seen, but it has great potential. The idea is to take advantage of the generation of that link or contracting a publication to be able , in addition to helping SEO, to open a sales channel with that URL .