Audit for WordPress Websites Plugins, Tips, and Tricks

October 22, 2023 By 4in27 0

First I’ll show you the Audit for WordPress results of a test we did a few months ago: ROI investment link building As you can see in the investment part, we spent €52 to buy the domains for the two sites, which we added to a very basic shared server that we have (basic because it will not receive a lot of traffic and it does not need to be powerful). In addition, we spent €253 to buy two items to capture leads, which made a total investment of €305 . After this investment, in the following 6 months without doing anything else, we have generated a profit of €1062 , with a positive ROI of close to €700 . Detailing what I was telling you, we bought two new domains and set up a one-page on each one, focused 100% on sales.

After this investment Audit for WordPress in the following 6 months without doing anything

Don’t think that it had a lot of category email list complications, a fast WordPress, without vanishing points where you can only make the purchase and that highlights the advantages of that service or product. Work time invested: 3 hours . Once we had the websites set up where we wanted to attack a totally transactional search intention, we searched through Growwer for informational sites that ranked related qualified traffic keywords , so that we could refer those users to generate sales to those sites. I illustrate it with a practical example.

What we will do is in this article the first product

Imagine that one of the domains CE Leads is a website that sells a model of running shoes and that we buy an item that can be ranked by “best running shoes of 2021”. What we will do is, in this article, the first product that we recommend as the best, we will tell it that it is on sale and we will send it to the website that we have set up to monetize. But be careful, you can extrapolate this to local services, affiliates or whatever you want. With this methodology we will not only get a quality link to our site, but also qualified traffic through that link and we will also be able to generate sales thanks to that publication.