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March 25, 2023 By 4in27 0

Bank’s transactional website has a new desktop where the customer can decide what should be on it and display it right after logging in. New desktop in mBank’s transactional website (screen on a laptop)mBank wants its online banking service to be even more legible, transparent and understandable for everyone. Therefore, the arrangement of individual elements of the desktop has been changed. From now on, it’s easier for customers , because they will appear right after logging in and you won’t have to look for them. The new dashboard has been divided into 3 zones that contain the most important information about:your products – decide which ones.

As Soon as You Log in

Your recent operations – in a brief history, and News. Also read: your products , you’ll see your products, specifically your account and how much money you have in it. You can also make a transfer from it immediately. You can decide what information you want on your desktop. You Finland Business Email List choose which bills, credit cards or loans you will see immediately after logging in. You can also change the order in which they appear. All you have to do is select the product in the settings that you want to see after logging in. You can do it conveniently from the “Space for your product” dashboard. Click “Show on desktop” to move the product to the list of products visible on the desktop.

Change the Position in

Email List

You can also change the order of products. Click “move up” or “move down” to¬† the list. New desktop products also mean more manageability. If, for example, you pull your credit card information to the CE Leads desktop, you will pay off its debt immediately after logging in, from the desktop level. You can Caseno Data also conveniently copy the account number – quickly, with a click. New dashboard in the mBank transactional service New dashboard in the mBank transactional service History Check the latest, abbreviated operation history Select “All history.