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 Created by a developer, you can make a lot of customizations using its free version, but you won’t be overwhelmed if you don’t have a lot of knowledge. But make no mistake, not just for beginners; it is for beginners as well. Many professional web designers use it in their daily lives to create customer websites. As with, it has a modular layout that allows you to activate and deactivate theme options to optimize resources.

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 Then, through its paid version, you   new data  can take a leap in quality and configuration to get a more professional website. Theme Features: Active Installations:. Rating: Star, Full Star. Featured Features: Very very relaxing theme. Integration with. Optimized for. Professional edition includes . Integrate with the best page builder. Recommended for: All types of websites. Price: It has a free version and a paid version, starting in the US dollar year.

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Support: Very good. The documentation of the programmers is very complete. Other free themes to consider Hello Elements is an ultra-light, clean theme – perhaps the cleanest – created by developers to work with the layout generator itself. It is actually a blank  CEL Eads  sheet of paper because the idea is that it only acts as a container for everything that is used in the design. As I said, very basic and simple subjects, no premium versions, no fancy.