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With more than one active installation and more than a Star Review, Neff is one of the most famous multi-purpose themes in the official repository. Easy to customize and fast to load, it is an effective theme for any type of website because it works well with. It has an interesting library with multiple templates, illustrations, and. Hestia is a widely known and used free theme( with more than one active installation).

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With it, you can design commercial web pages, portfolios or online stores and other types   new database  of websites, and it is fully compatible with the best visual layout designers, such as, or (. Unlike other topics with more options, it provides basic customization for users with limited knowledge and no need for advanced websites. You will only have the resources you need to create a simple and functional website. It is also integrated, so it is also a good choice for e-commerce.

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 Its not bad in terms of loading speed, so its a positive. Storefront is the official automatic theme, so it is specifically designed to be fully integrated with online store plugins. It has more than one active installation. It is compatible with most extensions and offers a large number of customization options without going to the extreme. It has a good list of additional   CEL Eads  extensions, such as footer, which adds a widget area or sticky“ to the cart” on the footer, and we can use it to add a “ to the cart” button that accompanies us when rolling.