There Are People Who Are Left Without Coverage

October 7, 2023 By 4in27 0

The advantages of turning email into a medium What still doesn’t seem like enough reason to you? Wait, you’ll see. Think about it: Would you prefer better figures in your Analytics or in your Email Marketing platform? Come on, answer, did I catch you? My emails add value to you. There Are If we start from the basis that my content is the value that I bring to you, then we could say that my emails provide you with all the possible value. Yeah? And isn’t that what you’d expect from any list you subscribe to? What brings you value? For sure yes. So, am I not getting closer to the goal and fulfilling the promise of value I made to you? Good! My emails will be opened.

So they started writing email

I have always defended that the best way to do it is to send it in full. Traffic? Who cares if we talk company data about Engagement? Shall we debate it? The basic objective of any blogger To understand the decision we must first establish what our main objective is . What do we want to achieve? Traffic? Wait, think carefully before answering. Traffic? Don’t you mean your content is read (consumed)? Think about it.

What good is traffic for you? What is traffic? If you asked me, I would say that numbers that fluctuate on a tool that you barely look at (about 20 times a day) are nothing to me. What I want is for my content to be read. It is not like this? And I don’t care where. What interests me is that you read it and if for that I have to leave it anywhere, if for that I have to make it as accessible as possible, then so be it.

There Are is so good that

Manually, where they told a little about the context or reason for CE Leads the post and then a link to discover it. “Top Jedi” bloggers like Alex Navarro use real  suspense techniques in this email, achieving brutal traffic results. Send the entire post. And what few of us do, send the entire post, in its entirety, directly to email, so you can read it as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, classify it, etc…

A real traffic suicide for the blogger, you’ll think..The most widespread , apart from the Nivea Factor 50, especially at this time, is to send a cover letter, which has the advantage of much closer, more personal communication but the disadvantage is that you have to write.