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As there is no ne to submit the PIT in person to the tax office or go to the post office to send. It within the appropriate deadline. Sending via the The third Ministry of Finance website takes only. A few minutes and we can always have the submitt returns at hand after logging in to the e-Tax Office. However, the ministerial application does not provide. The option to generate PIT returns for people running a business. For many years, the website has been providing a free tool in the form of a friendly wizard on the pitrok website . Thanks to the descriptions and hints in the appropriate fields, both an entrepreneur and a natural person earning income.

Only from an employment contract

Lease can easily prepare an annual tax return for , taking into account all tax changes introduc, among others: by Polish Order. On the website you can settle all types of income and reliefs, indicating the appropriate settlement method individually, jointly with a philippines photo editor spouse, as a single parent, with the exception of the succession management option . After entering the numerical data and selecting the appropriate settings, an annual declaration will be prepar with possible annexes. Shipping takes place via the Internet using authorization data.

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Will I settle my business activity in your e-PIT form? So far, the possibility of preparing an income business income settlement using the Your e-pit platform has not been add. Share with others: Up Previous article Rationalization projects and taxation of their CE Leads creators’ remuneration Next article Dropshipping and affiliate marketing – which solution is better? Clause disclaimer on We encourage you to comment on our articles. Express your opinion and engage in discussions with other readers. We answer individual questions relat to taxes and accounting of users via e-mail, chat or telephone – contact us.