How to use Google Tag

November 8, 2023 By 4in27 0

How to use This information can offer valuable insights to understand what problems the visitor is trying to solve through the pages of the company website . . How many times have you return to the site The purchasing process is often chaotic, especially in BB. However, the number of return visits to the site is an interesting indicator and is another aspect detectable thanks to HubSpot. With so many contents, sites and proposals that can influence the potential customer’s purchasing path, the simple fact that they have return.

A brief introduction to Google 

To the site is an indication of the quality and value of its contents. When you experience a lead returning to your site, you should consider wedding photo editing service contacting them by phone , email or chat to see how you can help them.HubSpot to learn about prospectsAll these channels must be optimiz to connect the potential customer and the sales force at the right time, i.e. when the demonstration of interest is maximum. . What are the last pages visit This is another interesting piece of data, perhaps more from a marketing point of view than from a sales force point of view , but knowing.

Improved site performance

Where a prospect’s journey end can provide useful elements. For example, there may have been a connection problem or a message that CE Leads didn’t match your search. The key is to identify the pages where the highest frequency of exits from the site occurs, to optimize them and try to stem the phenomenon. A series of tests can be carri out to ruce the spe of exiting the page, reworking its structure, links or proposals, perhaps through the activation of a pop-up activat upon exit, to give a further possibility of conversion of the lead (or qualifying ) user . The pop-up is a useful tool for collecting information, you can try asking why the visitor is finishing browsing and what could help him continue.