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Polish premiere of new, budget OPPO smartphones – new, changd A series from October 11, 2019 in stores. Oppo A5 2020 (white) OPPO has just announcd the expansion of its local offer with new, budget devices. The A 2020 series are smartphones that combine the design of premium models and features previously unavailable in this price . The new OPPO smartphones will allow users to take full advantage of the possibilities of modern technologies – these devices are designd especially for young, intensively living people who want to be in constant contact with the world, discover newer and newer forms of entertainment, and satisfy their curiosity. The A 2020 series is the answer to these key nds – it offers a high-quality 48 MP lens and a powerful 5000 mAh battery, all at a competitive price.

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New OPPO smartphones – will be available from October 11, 2019 in  Markt, Mdia Expert, RTV EURO AGD, X-Kom, in the brand zone on Allegro and in the offer of the Play mobile network at PLN 1299 (A9 2020 ) and PLN 899 (A5 2020). Expand your horizons and create without limits The new series of smartphones from OPPO is a balancd combination of Greece Business Email List technologies that will allow you to enjoy the full photographic possibilities also in smartphones from the middle price range. The camera usd in the new models combines the advantages of 4 different lenses: main 48 MP*, ultra-wide angle lens 8 MP, monochrome 2 MP + portrait 2 MP. The main camera in the OPPO A9 model is not only a high resolution matrix, but also pixel reorganization technology.

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The solution usd by OPPO allows you to get a better photo quality by combining four pixels into one. This makes the image clearer and richer in detail.  cameras of the upcoming A series come out well not only during the day, but also after dark, when lighting conditions make it difficult to capture a clear frame. Ultra Night Mode on the A9 smartphone – reuces noise, and thanks to HDR technology, it ensures adequate brightness of individual CE Leads areas and visibility of details. What’s more, users have an additional manual mode at their disposal, thanks to which the camera takes from 3 to 8 photos with different degrees of exposure. Technologies will also help to take portraits at night – in this case, the image of the person in the photo and the scene behind them will be processd separately.