One of the newer findings in neuroscience

October 10, 2023 By 4in27 0

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Unwant unsolicit

Message that appears in any marketing channel including email social mia phone calls and direct mail. These messages are mostly advertising and scams. The recipient business database did not request them and perceives them as having extremely low value. This is the problem with Spam you gave no permission implicit or explicit. They shouldnt have been able to reach you. You have very few ways to stop it. We prefer to get our

Conversions are zero

Marketing on our own terms. We love advice. We tolerate ads. And we hate spam. These are really the three types of marketing content marketing advertising and spam. But spam is everywhere. Spammers CE Leads target everyone in every channel. To measure the size of the spam problem for each channel were collaborating with QuestionPro repeating a survey from one year ago of 1000+ people from a general population sample in the US. We will look at the spam trends and ask Which social networks have the most spam How do most people respond to email spam How much text spam are we getting What percentage of our calls are cold