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Active installations: According to the developers, they have sold more than one license. Rating: I don’t have numbers, but I assure you it’s a very, very high-rated subject. Features: Good integration with, or other powerful plug-ins. Libraries with multiple full web templates and multiple layouts. Standard equipment . Recommended for: All types of websites. Price: From the year of the dollar. Avatar went public this year and was one of the best-selling, if not the best-selling, templates.

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 It is a multi-purpose template that you can use to design any type of website, especially    special data  one with a company profile, including an online store. It has its own visual layout. The negative effect of this is that if you change the theme and layout, the design will be affected. It is also optimized for working with and, in addition, compatible with, and other well-known plug-ins. Among the main advantages, it is worth noting that it is constantly updated,

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which makes it one of the most respected and reliable templates on the market. One of the weaknesses is its loading speed, although in the latest version they have added some optimization improvements, as I tell you in the features  CEL Eads  highlighted below. It’s incompatible. Template Features: Sales:. Rating: Individual score, average score ( full score ). Features Features: own visual layout. Custom Header and Footer Generator.