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The main title shown in the link preview is the meta title. LinkedIn advises keeping the meta title around 70 characters to ensure it is fully displayed. A succinct and compelling headline can encourage visitors to follow the link and engage with your content. Image size: The image that appears in the link preview should be eye-catching and relevant to your article. LinkedIn advises using photos that are a minimum of 120px wide and 120px tall. To ensure the best possible image

Fixing Link Preview Bugs with Open Graph(OG) Tags

There, To improve the link preview. There,  you should find and actively change or add the OG tags that are necessary. A link preview typically needs the following og tags.  There,  The section can be found in the HTML of the web page you want to publish. Add OG tags. Add the proper OG tags inside the tags. Put the exact title, description, image URL, and  special data web page URL of your material in place of the placeholder values. To check for OG tags, they recommend actively using the Facebook Sharing. There,  Debugger found at debug. Then enter the URL of the problematic web page and select “Debug”. This tool will get the OG tags from your website and show any problems or warnings. Please address any issues accordingly. You may need to do this if you’ve already shared the link. There,  but the wrong preview is still showing. Enter the URL on LinkedIn’s “Post” creation page and hit “Attach.”

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Tips and Tricks for Ensuring Rewarding Link Previews

By including the appropriate OG tags in CE Leads your web page’s HTML metadata and ensuring its accuracy. There,  you can actively control and customize the link preview.  That is displayed when you post your material on LinkedIn.

It’s important to consider specific rules and restrictions when optimizing the link preview on LinkedIn regarding meta title, image size, and description length. Keep the following tips in mind.