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Bitwa o Neta” is an online educational game in the field of cybersecurity – it was created for young people aged 13-16, but every Internet user should try this game. Game Battle for Neta PKO BP The game “Bitwa o Neta” is a compilation of microgames, i.e. simple tasks lasting several seconds that players play one after the other on the screens of their smartphones. In an unforced and attractive way for young people, the game addresses important aspects related to everyday “surfing” on the Internet, such as the need to protect your personal data, installing antivirus programs on devices or opening attachments of messages from unknown sources.

Knowledge and Skills Necessary

Players become adepts of the Cybersecurity Academy, where they gain the  to save the Internet. They can save their score in the ranking or share it with friends. However, it is always worth reading the message carefully before publishing – there are surprises waiting for inattentive UK Business Email List players. With successive successes of the adept, the pace of the game increases, and new boards appear in the game. “Battle for Neta” is available free of charge via  cyber-evil and save the Internet. Why is it worth talking about cybersecurity? — The natural consequence of providing young people with iPKO internet and mobile banking – IKO is education in the field of cyber security. We want to draw teenagers’ attention to the risks associated with the use of the latest technologies.

Digital Competences

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Increasingly broader and more common access to online services requires deepening  among this age group. The game “Bitwa o Neta” will help us in this – says Aleksandra Gieros-Brzezińska, director of the Marketing and Communication Division at PKO Bank Polski. According to the CBOS release (“Children and young people on the Internet – use and threats CE Leads from the perspective of carers of October 2018), the largest number of children aged 13 to 15 (94%) use the Internet. Their carers are concerned not only with the increasing time teenagers spend in front of computer and smartphone screens. Game “Battle for Neta” PKO BP A quarter of their concerns (an increase of 7 percentage points compared to 2015) relate to threats related to the information security and finances of the charges.