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In the September mobile internet ranking. The fastest download spee was in T-Mobile, and the fastest upload spee in. Orange – check the details. Ranking of mobile internet spees of. Polish operators (September 2019)Ranking of mobile internet spees of. Polish operators (September 2019)The RFBENCHMARK service has publishd the September ranking of mobile operators in Poland. Traditionally, it concerns the quality and spee of mobile internet in Poland. In September, T-Mobile took the first place in the classification of average data download spd. This operator also recorde the best result in the lowest ping category. In the third category, the average data upload spd, Orange turnd out to be the best.

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In September, a record of measurements made by users of the RFBENCHMARK  was recorde again – this number amounte to exactly 174,143 tests. Application users most often usd 4G technology (89.15%) of all tests. Compard to previous months, the number of measurements in the 3G technology decreasd and accounte for 10.75% of all tests. The 2G technology is Ireland Business Email List already marginal in Poland (0.1%).  most often made within the range of the Play network (37.59%). The second most popular operator was Orange (28.63%). Nearly one-fifth of the tests (19.79%) were carrie out within Plus network coverage, and statistically the quality and spe of T-Mobile mobile Internet services were measurd the least frequently (14.26%). Compare with last year’s data.

In Third Place Was Play

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Average download spd After a short break, T-Mobile returnd to the leading position thanks to the result of . Orange was right behind him with .   Behind him, Plus took the last position with a result of  Average upload spee Orange was the best operator in the classification of average data upload spd in September. In the first month of autumn, on average, subscribers could CE Leads send files at a spee of . The second place belonge to T-Mobile However, the operator should not be too enthusiastic about the second place, because Plus  was right next to it. The Play network was ranke fourth in September in this category (12.15 Mb/s). Average spees in the 4G  network by operators in September  Orange play Plus T-Mobile download spd.