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 you provide leading data for these technologies. Google’s eco-friendly technology ensures that all the technology they offer is carbon neutral, meaning environmentally friendly. So, with Google Cloud technology, you can indirectly support the protection of our planet. Try it early for free how? Interested in using Google Cloud today? Or want to try it first? Relax, you can do this! Google Cloud offers $300 in free credits for 90 days. To try out the service, you just need to sign up for an account on the free trial page using your Gmail email address. Conclusion This is the article we want to share this time So you know what cloud computing technology is and its application in GooglePlease give it a try.

With cloud technology building

Cloud right? application systems feels easier because we no longer need to think about server infrastructure. The fees incurred are much cheaper as you only pay for what you use (pay as you go). To learn more details about Google Cloud, there’s nothing wrong with trying Dicoding’s Google Cloud Basics learning course. See you in the next article! Prepare for your technology career with the Rise 2023 program. Get training in technology, soft skills, and English so you’re better prepared for a career in a corporate or startup company. Choose one of 3 learning paths: Machine Learning, Mobile Development (Android), or Cloud Computing. Then, get the following benefits. Always hungry for knowledge, Bhima .

Was more than just a student

keen to expand her horizons. The class 11 student is also often trusted by the school to participate in various competitions in the field of science and technology. He admitted that sometimes Bima would sign up for various competitions without even being asked CE Leads by the school. Bima’s participation in these competitions brings Bima and AWS together. At the time, Bima was participating in a cloud computing competition organized by the Sagasitas Indonesia Foundation and AWS. There, Bima saw many advantages that AWS had over other cloud providers, one of which was the presence of Amplify. For Bima, this AWS hosting service really provides .