Panorama of Digital Transformation in Latin America

October 12, 2023 By 4in27 0

Latin America is experiencing a strong expansion of digital transformation. Panorama of For this reason, it is important that your company is aligned with this context to be. Able to take advantage of opportunities and not lose ground to the competition. Understand how technology is evolving in the market of. Countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina. These data demonstrate that Mexico is willing to adopt technologies and, compared to other nations, is more mature. And prepared for the changes that digital transformation requires.

Panorama of The Digital Transformation Roadmap

Although it is quite clear what the email leads importance of digital transformation is for companies. The task of effectively implementing it can seem. Complex to those who are not accustomed to the concept. To facilitate the process, we have simplified it into 5 stages that you will see below. If we look at today’s most successful companies, such as Netflix. Uber or Amazon, it is easy to identify the common denominator they all have the customer at the center of their strategy. This means that, beyond marketing their products and services. they have missions that add value to the consumer and seek not only to meet their needs, but to make them happier.

Investment in Digital Talents

Digital transformation is done with people. Taking this into Caseno Data account, companies must, first, carry out an analysis of their organizational structure to identify. The fundamental areas that will need investment in training and/or hiring for the development of essential skills in the 21st century . The objective is to prepare staff so that everyone is part of the digital transformation process. In particular, the management and leadership teams , who play a fundamental role. In contributing to this process, since they are responsible for establishing the strategy. Analyzing the implications and guiding the other members during the day.