How dangerous is cell phone radiation and

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We wake up with it we communicate through. It and we work with it. Sometimes we stay up in the middle of the night to consult it. And if we lose him, heHow dangerous  invades us with hysteria. Today’s world is unimaginable without the cell phone. So much so that today many are obsessed with this device. But, in recent years, with the increase in cases of cancer – one of the main causes of death worldwide – concerns have grown regarding possible links between our. Inseparable cell phones and the risk of developing malignant tumors. “in recent decades, a large number of studies have been carried out to analyze whether radio frequency waves put our health at . Director of the department of health’s radiation tells .

Specific absorption rate and other indications

As more waves have appeared in our lives, the question to be resolved is whether. There are any adverse effects from cell phones, base stations or India Mobile Number Database wi-fi connections at environmental exposure levels. Van says research also covers. Fertility and hypersensitivity issues. But, until now, the answer has been ambiguous. There are potential long-term risks especially. Linked to tumors in the head and neck. waves from cell phones are “a form of electromagnetic energy that lies between fm radio waves and microwaves. And they are a form of non-ionizing radiation,” explains the. American cancer society on its website. According to this organization, these waves.

Preventive measures

That would only happen, they explain, at very high levels. Such as those of microwave ovens, they say. This answer Saudi-Arabia Phone Number List should reassure us. However, the issue is being reviewed. In fact, van – author of some 50 scientific publications on non-ionizing radiation – says that the who is investigating it again. Although . There is a lack of evidence, it is also true that there are. Potential long-term risks” especially related to tumors in the head and neck . Says the specialist, the also addresses this issue: “the closer the (cell phone) antenna is to the head, the greater the person’s. Exposure to rf energy is expected to be,” it warns. Cell phones specific absorption rate and other indications this is when our body’s tissues can “absorb that energy,” something that experts in. The field call “specific absorption rate for its acronym in .