Brexit trump have we learned our lesson

February 29, 2024 By 4in27 0

In recent months two election results have. Surprised the world Brexit trump  the decision of the people of. The united kingdom to leave the union. And the election of trump as president of the united states. Although in both cases it is possible to attribute the. Results to xenophobia, racism or other factors, the. Truth is that in both cases openness, globalization and inequality. Played at least an important part of such unexpected outcomes. In the case of the us election, we now know. That the decisive states for trump’s victory were those of the. So-called “rust belt  states that .Have been systematically deindustrializing for decades. As part of this phenomenon, the traditional workers of this area. Of ​​the united states, many of them very well paid and who were once .Protected by powerful unions, lost their jobs, became impoverished. And lost the living standards to which they or their parents had been used to it.

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Country which feels on the margins of. The discourse raised by of a powerful, thriving country that had successfully. Recovered Hong Kong Mobile Number Database from the crisis, voted against the. Democratic party after having voted in its favor for several. Consecutive presidential elections. The message should be clear openness and. Globalization cannot continue as before. Note that this does not mean closing or reversing the opening process. In that sense, it is false that, as the magazine. The economist recently suggested, from now on the internal. Elections will be between those who want to continue with. The opening processes and those who intend to close the economies. In reality, the discussion will be between the type of opening .Between a wild opening or a sensitive and inclusive opening.

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To understand this we must start from a concrete reality .The processes of openness and globalization leave both winners Russia Phone Number List and losers within the economies. Until now, the opening processes have been driven. And sustained primarily by those who anticipate. That they will be among the winners. This includes, above all, large transnational companies. Which are the main beneficiaries of the internationalization of value chains. However, these processes also leave losers. As is the case of or us workers, who have lost their well-paid. Jobs and who have become lower middle class or even poor in their respective countries. Someone might think that this does not happen in . That in we all win with the openness. This is, finally, trump’s speech: the united states lost because won. But no, it’s not like that. Losers do not have to be losers in absolute terms, they can be losers in relative terms.