Google wants to tell you what to buy for christma

February 29, 2024 By 4in27 0

Most people love to spend hours. In shopping Google wants malls, shopping and trying on. Clothes in their favorite stores, but when an important date like. Christmas approaches, these places. Become hell full of people, long. Lines and few options to choose from. To solve this, many brands have adapted a friendly platform. For their customers to buy online but it seems this is no longer enough. Currently, consumers prefer to buy items from companies that are. Committed to the environment and society. The problem is that locating them on. Social networks and the internet is not always an easy task. Aware of this, , in the company of. His family and friends. Created an application or. Extension that adapts to chrome and mobile devices that allows you to view between the websites of various brands and in your search engine, whether the companies have or not. A commitment to social responsibility and what exactly it is.

How does this application work?

When-you-shop-online-this-chrome-extension . Suggests-ethical-many of these companies are not so big . Compared to Honduras Phone Number List brands like adidas, some restaurant. Chains, most of them are small organizations and. Companies that through various services and products seek to help the . Community or to collaborate in favor of care. Our goal with this application is to make it easier for you to search and reduce your browsing time and quickly and easily locate small businesses. That are making great efforts in favor. Of social responsibility, commented . How does this application work . Once installed on your device. You must shop online. As you normally would, when you come across a done. Good certified company, a small alert will be. Displayed and you will be offered an exclusive. Discount to use on your next purchase.

What’s left is solid waste

Shares with you if any of the stores, in. Addition to offering organic products or if their production. Is sustainable, the extension Iran Phone Number List shares with you if the companies are. Involved with any foundation or organization. That addresses social and environmental problems. To belong to this group of. Responsible companies, brands must meet certain. Requirements that not only include. Developing high-quality products with sustainable. Materials, but that their production chain, suppliers. And supply stores are also involved with social responsibility. They also look for brands certified by global organic textile standards. Fair trade, and that the employees who work. There have fair wages and hours. -slide-3-when-you-shop-online-this . Chrome-extension-suggests-ethical-unfortunately this. Application is only available for and recently. For google however . The non-profit company is working on developing. The platform compatible with the android system.