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Like every new year, 2017 also start with good intentions and for those who work in B2B marketing this means planning strategies for the company’s success in the coming months. We divide ourselves between social mia, content marketing and blogs, email campaigns and among the most innovative companies there are those who have chosen to integrate all digital channels into the inbound methodology. In this article we will talk about the trends to keep an eye on during the year and which tools to include in the company’s digital marketing plan to keep up with the tastes and purchasing habits of today’s buyers.

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Mobile Virtual reality 4 Prictions for corporate social mia Before planning a social strategy, it is important to know what’s new and trending to ensure you make the most of your time point Business Database of and budget. Starting from the trends of 2016, let’s see what we can expect in the coming months to be ready for change. Live videos You will surely have notic how video content is increasingly widespread. Statistics confirm that, if in 2016 14% of marketers experiment with this format, in 2017 43% of them plann to exploit interactive videos.

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Among the many platforms that support the sharing of video content, Periscope was a pioneer in this sense and Facebook Live is among the most us. The reports releas by CE Leads Periscope and Facebook respectively speak of 110 years spent by users watching videos for the former and the live streaming record achiev by the latter last New Year’s Eve. In the graph below you will find the peaks reach in different parts of the world with live video shares to celebrate the new year. (Source: Facebook ) corporate-social-mia-facebook-live Instagram and Twitter also launch their live platforms between.