Embrace breaking the routine

October 21, 2023 By 4in27 0

The easiest way to find a good blogger is to scour Embrace breaking  marketing blogs. Your business may not be about marketing, but that doesn’t matter in this particular case. You can write about any topic because you can research anything on it. Neil Patel, Quicksprout The easiest way to find great bloggers is to scour marketing blogs, says neilpatel. Click to Tweet A skilled writer is often more valuable than someone who is well versed in a particular subject. So you can proactively search for potential authors from all types of content locations. Unless you’re producing highly technical content or content that requires deep domain knowledge.

Give Embrace breaking yourself extra time

Don’t be afraid to start small. If video is your or your team’s  top industry data talent, it can be extremely powerful in connecting with people in ways that raw text and images cannot.” – Rand Fishkin, Moz Video is incredibly powerful for connecting with people in a way that raw text or images can’t. randish Click to Tweet Cisco predicts that video will account for of all internet traffic by 2019. If you can create high-quality video content on a regular basis without breaking your marketing budget, you’ll reap huge benefits. There’s no need to hire a full-time videographer or animator. Thanks to resources like .

Set small, satisfying goals

The benefit of building a team of freelancers is that CE Leads  you get a wide range of voices and content types, and this model is infinitely scalable.” Benji Hyam, Grow and Convert benjihyam builds a team of freelancers to ensure he has access to a wide range of voices and types of content. Click to Tweet Writers do not have the same strengths and weaknesses. Some writers are great at creating highly technical blog posts, but struggle with scripting humorous animated explainer videos. Similarly, reaching out to influencers and having expert influencers come naturally to some content marketing team members, while others prefer to stick to content. The key is to have a diverse set of skills on your team so they can handle the full range of content marketing activities.