Defining scopes in Analytics

October 5, 2023 By 4in27 0

Defining scopes in Analytics The raw events that are collected are hits , which is the .Minimum data collection unit. These are actions such as.a page has loaded”,.A pdf has been downloaded” or “a video has started to play”. A hit contains a series of related data. Such as the moment (date and time) in which it occurs or the user who performed it (we’ll talk about it later). Even a hit can have one or more products associated with it if we are in an ecommerce scenario.

A session can

A session can be defined as the set of hits that occur by the same user top industry data in a period of time . Be careful, because in reality it is a little more complex than this.But for now it is worth it. The actions that a person performs during a period of time, such as the pages they load.The videos they watch, the pdfs they download.Are grouped into a single session where aggregate data is stored, such as the number of pages viewed or the duration. Of the same.

Let's then go

Let’s then go to define user . What is a user? Well, a person. TRUE? Makes sense. But in reality it has a more technical background. Google Analytics CE Leads identifies users by a unique identifier dynamically generated .VAnd stored in the user’s browser using a Cookie. Therefore, the same person accessing from their computer and from their mobile phone would. Be considered 2 users ( except in specific cases in which we unify this data by a user_id, but this is not the case ).