Debate on Digital Marketing by 6 specialists from 5 countries

October 9, 2023 By 4in27 0

Debate on Digital Marketing by 6 specialists from 5 countries. On February 17, I was lucky enough to participate in the event , organized by Juan Carlos Mejía Llano. After the 6 conferences, a debate was held between 6 Marketing specialists about their vision of Social Media. In this talk we learned a lot from each other’s advice. I recommend you watch the full video and the most important points that I have summarized.

The Socia Media Commerce

The Socia Media Commerce. From my point of view and from the United States market, I think the key is to go further and delve deeper into the concept of “Engagement Marketing.” That is, the degree of interaction and belonging between the user and the brand. Secondly, the digital market today is transcending in relation to everything that has to do with online sales or Ecommerce. One can now attribute, or generate attribution modes, that start from Social Media and end in Shopping email database Cars, or shopping carts. I believe that it is the great contribution that is seen here in the United States and that it will be replicated soon in Latin America.

Active listening and knowing the user

Active listening and knowing the user. The main value, from the SEO point of view, is active listening and the correct detection of motivations and objections in the users’ purchasing decision process. I believe that this is a fundamental milestone to understand each other better, far beyond identifying the keyword. And SEO is abandoning what the keyword is Celeads and what it has to focus on from now on is understanding well what the user’s intention is when they visit a website. This will help us guide him well and optimize the content he wants.