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With Google Sheets to Navigator scraping tool designed for efficient lead extraction and email finding. It offers oneclick export of leads from Sales Navigator ensuring clean lists suitable for email campaigns and CRM integration. scrupp prospeo alternative The tool is celebrated for its speed ability to scrape locked profiles and unlimited pages scraping capability. Features Lead Extraction From LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. Email Finder Finds professional verified email addresses.

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On the number of pages for scraping. Data Armenia Email List Enrichment Provides clean usable data lists. Pricing Starter month for Credits. Growth month for Credits. Professional month for Credits. scrupp pricing See Scrupp Alternatives Scalelist Scalelist is a tool designd for extracting leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It streamlines lead generation by offering a Chrome extension that allows users to quickly export leads with verifid emails and phone numbers. scalelist prospeo alternative The platform is known for its ease of use sped and the accuracy of the data providd making it an efficient solution for businesses looking to enhance their sales and marketing efforts.

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Directly from LinkdIn Sales Armenia WhatsApp Number Navigator. Verified Contacts Provides verified emails and phone numbers. Chrome Extension Seamless integration for easy use. Pricing Micro month email credits phone credits. Starter month email credits phone credits. Scaler month email credits phone credits. Pro month email credits phone credits. scalelist pricing Derrick App Derrick is a LinkedIn data importer for Google Sheets enabling users to create targeted lead lists with ease. It integrates LinkedIn profiles enriching data with emails and other details in seconds. derrick prospeo alternative Derrick offers an intuitive workflow seamlessly importing and enriching data from LinkedIn to Google Sheets. Features LinkedIn Integration Imports and enriches data from LinkedIn profiles.